Our innovative products


Aquaholder line is based on the principles of using superabsorbent, which is able to absorb large amounts of water (200-500 times of its weight) and gradually release it to the plants in times of drought. As a result plant growth is supported. The main goal of the use of absorbents in agriculture is to increase the resilience of agricultural productivity against drought and lack of water.

Aquaholder Seed

Seed coating agent

Aquaholder Agro

Universal solid superabsorbent

Aquaholder Root 

Root protection using superabsorbent

Aquaholder Injection 

Undergroung application of hydrogel

Aquaholder Fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizer


Pewas has developed a biodegradable oils and solid lubricants for use in railway infrastructure. Our oils and lubricants are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mineral oils, which can cause serious damage to the environment.

Biocon PP40

Biodegradable lubricant designed for lossy lubrication


Solid lubricant for wheel flanges


PEWAS has developed very effective solutions to prevent and minimize damage to the property and the environment during floods, fires and accidents of various nature. In our products, we use special polymers in an innovative way as an additive for fire extinguishers, as a filling for antiflood bags and as an absorbent of oil pollution. We cooperate with professional rescue teams to test our products. Thanks to this, we are able to provide clients with a solution for intervention in case of floods, fires and chemical accidents exactly according to their needs.


Superabsorbent, anti-flood bags to protect property from floods and unwanted water leaks


Extinguishing gel for faster firefighting and property protection


Highly efficient sorbent of oil pollution