Protect your property. Extinguish fire faster



The quick extinguishing of fire is not our only goal, as we also aim to protect the surrounding property and the environment as much as possible. We have therefore invested our efforts to find a solution eliminating a damage in case of fires. We have developed new methods of extinguishing and property protection and have created a unique fire extinguishing gel. Our firefighting gel is an additive to the existing fire extinguishers that use water as an agent. As a result, fire interventions can be much more effective and can cause less damage.


30 to 50% quicker at fires extinguishing

Lower water consumption

30 to 60 %

Better protection of surrounding property

Impregnating effect of extinguished objects through creating a gel layer 

Instant usage after being added into the fire extinguisher 

Utilization of the existing fire extinguishers without additional modifications

Suitable for extinguishing of forest fires 

Ecological, non-toxic and without impact on the environment

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