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About us

Pewas is a research and trading company focused on innovative applications of superabsorbent polymers in agriculture, security sector and railway infrastructure. Developed products and prototypes include flood bags filled with superabsorbents, a hydrogel-based extinguishing agent, 3Dsorbent of oil pollution, biodegradable oils and agricultural products of Aquaholder line.

Our vision

We constantly seek innovative solutions in chemistry with respect for the environment, efficiency, and application across a wide array of industries. We look at things differently, and don't compromise between efficiency and ecology. We are convinced that it is possible to be both efficient and ecological at the same time.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer attractive and customized solutions for alternative use of superabsorbing polymers.

Our values





Pewas has been established since 1992. Since its foundation, the company has offered portfolio of products as footwear and leather care, biodegradable lubricants and fireplace chemistry. From the beginning, Pewas products have been characterized by high quality and their environmental friendliness. These values of the founders echos to the present.

Since 2004, the company has expanded its activities and launched research in the field of superabsorbent polymers and their alternative uses in agriculture and other industries. This action resulted into several products with the potential for a real deployment. The most promising area of our research activities is a research of agriculture applications of our Aquaholder product line. The main goal of using superabsorbent polymers in agriculture is to adapt to the climate change and reduce losses in agricultural production due to the drought and lack of water.

Research & Development

Pewas is a research organization focused on searching for the alternative use of superbasorbent polymers in various industries. Pewas has analytical and production laboratory facilities and a team of laboratory researchers. We specialize in ecological innovative chemistry, consulting, research and development of new solutions for clients in various areas, industries, agriculture and transport.

We have developed an innovative way of using superabsorbents and polymers in agriculture to remove harmful pollution after petroleum accidents and consequences of natural disasters caused by floods and fires. Our portfolio is complemented by biodegradable oils and lubricants designed for forestry, water management and maintenance of railway infrastructure. Our research that could be the greatest benefit for the society is the Aquaholder project that focuses on the use of superabsorbents in agriculture in order to increase the resilience of agricultural productivity to the drought and lack of water.

Spheres of our activity


The Aquaholder product line is targeting support of plants in dry conditions by absorption and gradual release of water into the root system.


The main advantage of antiflood bags filled by absorbent is its immediate readiness to use what makes them an effective tool for protecting property in the event of sudden floods.


Higher effectivity of use of water in case of fire in the form of hydrogel allows effectively manage fires with less damage to the property and environment.

Environmental emergency

Sorb is a selective absorbent designed to remove liquid organic substances and petroleum products from solid and water surfaces.

Railway infrastructure

Pewas has developed a unique way of lubricating railway components that meets the high economic and environmental demands of the railway infrastructure sector.


Hygiene is designed for the medical and veterinary sector in order to remove unwanted contamination by body fluids, to disinfect the site of contamination their simple disposal and at the same time.

Achievements / Awards / Projects

Operational Program

Research and Innovation

Slovak Aid



Horizon 2020 / SME Instrument

GRANT AWARD No. 807831

EIC accelerator


Czech & Slovak project

Innovative act of 2018

2nd place

"Product Innovation" category“

Seal of Excellence

6x Seal of Excellence award

Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure

Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure

Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure


Ivo Krpelan


+20 years of experience in top management CEO/CFO positions in international companies. Graduate of the University of Economics in Prague.

Peter Fatul 

Business and Dvlp. Manager

+17 years of experience in international trade and project management in the second largest chemical company in the Slovak Republic. Graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava.

Viktor Gelinger

Development Manager

+6 years of experience with the development projects in the field of superabsorbent polymers. Graduate of the Slovak University of Technology.

Lukáš Petra

Research Manager

+6 years of experience with the research and development projects in the field of superabsorbent polymers. Graduate of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava.

Our partners

National Agricultural and Food Centre

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed

The National Agricultural and Food Centre focuses on comprehensive research and gathering of knowledge in the sustainable use and protection of natural resources, especially soil and water resources for crop production and animal husbandry, quality and safety, innovation and competitiveness of food and non-food products of agricultural origin, productive and non-productive impact of agriculture on the environment and rural development and the transfer of knowledge from agricultural and food research to end users.

Cooperation: Testing the effectiveness of the seed with Aquaholder Seed

Slovak University of Agriculture, Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed and Aquaholder Agro

SPU in Nitra is a top educational and scientific institution whose main task is to provide higher education at all levels and forms. Part of the activity is the formation and building of creative scientific research. Its mission is to provide education, research and counseling in order to create and transfer the knowledge needed for the development of agriculture, food and related industries, rural development and regional development in Slovakia with an overall link to the international community.

Cooperation: Testing the effectiveness of the seeds with Aquaholder Seed and testing the interactions of Aquaholder Agro in the soil

AZC, a.s.

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed

Cooperation: Testing the effectiveness of seeds with applied Aquaholder Seed

MVSR - Slovak firefighters and rescuers

PRODUKT: Flood, Fire

Cooperation: Testing antiflood bags, fire extinguishing agent

Slovak Aid

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed a Aquaholder Agro

The agency through specialized programs and grants, enables national entity to implement projects in the targeted countries. One of the programs is agriculture and forestry. The implementation of Slovak development assistance involves national entities, including state and academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and business entities.

- SAMRS/2016/PPP/1/2 - Examining Aquaholder solution for agricultural production under Afghanistan conditions to reduce water consumption
- SAMRS/2017/PPP/1/8 - Examining Aquaholder solution for agricultural production under Afghanistan conditions to reduce water consumption
- SAMRS/2018/VP/1/9 - The use of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) as an innovative tool for reducing drinking water consumption and groundwater contamination caused by pesticides and fertilizers

The International Investment Bank (IIB)

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed a Aquaholder Agro

The International Investment Bank (IIB) is a multilateral institution for development that promotes social and economic development, prosperity, and economic cooperation between its member states. Main directions for its activities are the support of the small and medium-sized businesses and participation in financing socially significant infrastructure projects.

Project: Verification of the Aquaholder products and their suitability for agricultural production in Vietnam

Falck Fire Services a.s.


Testing fire extinguishing agent

Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Institute of Geography

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed a Aquaholder Agro

Is a government agency, earlier known as Vietnam Academy of Science, established in 1975. The VAST is committed to / carrying out basic research in natural sciences and technology development; / providing objective grounds for science and technology management, for shaping policies, strategies and plans for socio-economic development; / training high quality human resources for science and technology.

Cooperation: Provision of technical assistance to PeWaS s.r.o. in regard to the verification of the Aquaholder (Seed and Agro) products and their suitability for agricultural production in Vietnam

Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed a Aquaholder Agro

The Science-Research Agricultural Center in Georgia was established with the aim of restoring scientific research activity in the agricultural sector and encouraging its further development. It is the largest state-run research institution managing multiple projects in its own laboratories and experimental fields. Since 2015, they have been experimenting to verify the effectiveness of different types of fertilizer and soil conditioners on field crops.

Cooperation: Testing Aquaholder products to reduce drinking water consumption and reduce groundwater contamination caused by pesticides and fertilizers

Herat University, Faculty of Agriculture

PRODUCT: Aquaholder Seed a Aquaholder Agro

Herat University has 16 faculties and 71 departments has been able to offer thousands of male and female specialists in different fields in society, that will always play a significant role in the scientific and development of the country. Right now Herat University has great working and relationships with more than 30 scientific institutions and Universities of the world and Herat University’s teachers are obtaining their Master's and PHD degree throw scholarships in that Universities.

Cooperation: Aquaholder effectiveness testing in Afghan conditions