Protect your property. Stop water faster



Flood superabsorbent bags are a unique property protection solution for flood areas. Lower time requirements, immediate readiness for use and lower space requirements for their storage make them a much more efficient alternative to the traditional sand bags. Bags are filled with a specially developed absorbent, which, in contact with water, absorb the water into its internal structures and does not release it, even under higher pressure.

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A fast and efficient way of absorbing water, it increases its volume 30 to 50 times compared to its weight

Immediate readiness for use in a case of emergency 

Easy manipulation due to lower weight 

Easy to store thanks to decreased volume 

Long storage time

10 years

Re-use potential in case the water has not been contaminated

The enhanced 3 chamber bags structure enables a flexible building of flood barriers

Ecological elimination of damage during floods

Wide range of use also in households in case of unwanted water leaks 

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