Highly efficient sorbent of oil pollution 



Sorb is our innovative product for the removal of liquid organic substances and petroleum products. It is a selective absorbent which, in contact with contamination, absorbs the liquid and retains it in its structure and not on its surface. There is no risk of secondary contamination. Sorb enables the removal of a wide range of organic liquids from water and solid surfaces much more efficiently compared to other methods.

Sorption of alkanes from water 

Demonstration of practical use


The absorption capacity is 10 times higher compared to conventional products

Minimizes the risk of secondary contamination

The contamination is being absorbed into the inner structure 

Universal use both for water surfaces and solid surfaces

It is selective  and it does not absorb water during absorption from water surfaces 

It inhibits the evaporation of organic substances and thus reduces the risk of subsequent ignition

During the intervention a smaller amount of the absorbent is necessary in comparison with traditional absorbents 

Product sheet

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