Biodegradable lubricant designed for lossy lubrication

Biocon PP40


Bicon is a biodegradable oil designed mainly for railway infrastructure use. It has excellent lubricating properties, it is oxidatively stable, anti-corrosive and water-repellent. It can be used for lossy lubrication of linear rails, such as switches and their moving parts (sliding chairs, locking hooks, hook locks, swivel pins). Compared to traditional lubricants, it is more efficient and does not cause pollution to the environment, soil and groundwater. It meets high demands even in unfavorable conditions such as high humidity, dust, snow, etc.


Economy and low consumption 3-7 liters/year/switch

Excellent lubricating and anti-abrasion properties

It is ecological, biodegradable and non-toxic

Significantly extends the life of lubricated components

It can be used in extreme conditions from -30 to +90 °C

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