Patent to fight against drought

Ivo Krpelan, director of Pewas, gave an interview to MF Dnes and iDNES server, in which he mentioned a number of interesting details about Aquaholder. See more! 

In the interview, Ivo Krpelan discussed our groundbreaking invention, Aquaholder, and how it can revolutionize agriculture, especially in regions facing drought challenges. 

He explained that Aquaholder is a game-changing solution that helps seeds create a water reservoir, ensuring optimal hydration for up to five weeks during germination and early growth. By offering this innovative superabsorbent coating for seeds, Aquaholder enables plants to thrive even in dry conditions, significantly improving crop yields and contributing to sustainable agriculture practices.

The technology is not only protected by patents but has also caught the attention of investors, with plans to expand production capacity. 

Check out the interview to learn more about this exciting advancement and its potential impact on the agricultural industry!