ASTA-American Seed Trade Association

A small Central European country is conquering America!
We participated at ASTA, the international seeds expo in Chicago last week. The biggest meetings of American seed business companies which was attended by more then 1 700 participants from North America, South America, Asia, Australia...  and then us, Pewas, as the only representative of the Central Europe. We were there to present our innovative product Aquaholder, a revolutionary superabsorbent seed coating, to our partners and all our potential customers in the US, as well as the South American, markets.

And we succeeded! We have agreed on Aquaholder lab and field testing in US and Brazil. In 2023, we will arrange lab tests and field trials of Aquaholder benefits and its field efficacy, mostly with corn, sorghum and soybean seeds. 
That's so great! We are very much looking forward to it! And thanks Bob Legro and Frans Collee for helping us to make valuable agreements with all our important partners!