Microgreens arugula

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Growing microgreens has never been so easy and fun. The set is designed to contain everything needed to grow this vitamin bomb. The most interesting thing is the special substrate, which turns into a gel after soaking. From that time, it is no longer necessary to add any water!

 The package contains: 2x seeds of your choice 2x absorbent material (substrate)

What is the procedure?

1) Pour the substrate

 2) Add water into the bowl - about 1 cm below the edge, don't be afraid to pour a little more or less.

 3) Pour the seeds evenly - Ideally straight from the bag, so that it does not come into contact with your hand

4) Leave covered for 2-3 days - then the first plants will appear. Let the plants grow to about 2 cm in height. Cut a little above the absorbent. Enjoy!

 5) We recommend to cut all microgreens after few days and place them in the refrigerator in a bowl with a lid. They stay fresh there for another week.

The set is designed to be reusable.

Volume: 40g

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